With all of the online websites busted; hookers have moved to the gyms, spas and Match.com

With all of the online websites busted; hookers have moved to the gyms, spas and Match.com

RentBoy, Redbook, Ashley Madison, Craigslst ads: Gone, Gone, Gone.

Every major source of sex for hire has been shut down. Where are the hookers at now?

They are now in the gyms, spas and on Match.com

Federal cops, and local vice squads, are hiring hot girls. They are looking for super-fit, sexy cops to work match.com and hang out in the gyms to catch “John’s, the men that buy sex.

When you go into a gym and see a girl who looks too look-at-me and too much like she is selling something, you may be right. In some cases, though, she might be selling you a ticket to jail.

On Match.com and OK Cupid, they use “codewords” to discuss the sexual transaction. The code words include: “nice things”, “discrete”, “Want to grab some cappuccino?”, “looking for a man who appreciates a girl like me”, “I like a man who knows how to shop”, ‘I need a new dress”, and similar allusions from “the lists” . The lists are key phrase menu’s that the men trade online on torrent sites. These key phrase menu’s are the decryption keys for the sex-speak that the hookers and Johns use in the gym’s, spa’s and on Match.com. The John’s call themselves “Hobbyists”.

Ashley Madison’s owner, who said he “never cheats” was just caught by Buzzfeed, hiring hookers as a “hobbyist”. Buzzfeed outed his sexual arrangements emails.

A favorite line for gym and E-hookers is “What are your hobbies?” or anything phrase using the word “hobby”.

It is illegal to buy people for sex. If you fly them in, as Silicon Valley executives do every day, it is legally called “sex trafficking”. You can get arrested on felony charges.

If you are looking for free rent, 4 square meals a day, free medical coverage and great sports team’s then federal prison might be just your thing. Otherwise, you probably should not fly ladies to SFO for a roll in the hay at the Rosewood Hotel on Sandhill Road.

A growing hooker danger also include getting killed by your hooker. Google and Tesla investment executives were, famously, killed by their hookers. Hookers are not always the nicest of people.

In high net-worth Silicon Valley, San Francisco and New York; gyms have been found to contain quite a large number of sex workers. Guys, beware: if you solicit a women in a gym your gym membership may end up costing you tens of thousands of dollars in lawyer fees to try to keep yourself out of prison. But again, if you really want sex, try prison, there are many fine gentlemen there who will make certain that experience quite a lot of it.

With the glut of high paid, young, naïve men in San Francisco, from the tech rush, international hookers are descending on the gyms and spa’s of the city by the Bay, seeking fresh meat.


p class=”MsoNormal”>Going into a gym and mentioning that you work at Google, or wearing your Google T-shirt to the gym will certainly get the bad girls to approach you. They know that you are overpaid and not fully mature. You are what they call: “an easy mark”. Don’t fall for it. You will often only be buying sadness, Chlamydia and legal troubles. When Google finds out you were arrested for hiring prostitutes, they will be forced to fire you.  Worse, as with Google’s top engineer, you could get killed by your prostitute. A half hour of pleasure is not worth risks like that.