In a recent federal funding program, we went to Washington DC and delivered tens of thousands of letters, to federal offices, from customers who wanted one of our car systems. In this particular funding program, that was more existing customer requests, and validations, THAN ALL OF THE OTHER APPLICANTS COMBINED.

This is why the competitors are so scared. The market has spoken. They want our safety, our prices, our engineering, our designs and our cost-effective value. Additionally, we hired the top people from the auto industry, aerospace industry and from across the manufacturing horizons.

The only bad press we ever got was paid-for attacks, in a tabloid conglomerate, controlled by our competitors, and hired blog “trolls”.


The Attack


By now, you probably saw the news about the two big tech campaign financiers who sabotaged our last project with “moles”, “trolls”, “tabloids” and a bribe, or two. Don’t worry, the FBI and the U.S. Congress are on their back-sides, like bees on honey. Their competing stuff didn’t work, blew up, and was insanely over-priced. Plus they, kinda, broke some laws.

Hopefully they learned their lesson. Read more about the tactics the big guys use to try to wipe out the independents at the BIZ-BUZZ part of the Wiki. Then, when corrupt competitors try to take product options away from your family, or country, you can speak up. Also, if you want affordable, safe, low-cost, easy to repair, efficient, clean cars and more domestic jobs, speak up about that, too.

You can read more about the old “Ruckus” and watch the 60 Minutes episode at http://thecleantechcrash.wordpress.com




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The Cleantech Crash: a Washington DC Corruption Case


They saw the theft of taxpayer dollars, by federal officials and corrupt campaign billionaires. This is their story. Like the others, who experienced the same abuse,

and many other on-google sites under the search terms: “steven chu corruption” or “solyndra corruption” or “angelgate collusion” or “silicon valley no poaching conspiracy” or “goldman sachs corruption” and related search terms.

Onward and upward!





A family friendly larger SUV configuration.

How much does it cost to build a new car?

Prototype 1 = $175,000.00 to $300,000.00
Price Depends on: Cleverness vs. outsourcing everything vs. in-house skills

Political bribes = $0.00 to $200,000,000.00
Price Depends on: Morality

Factory production set-up for price reduced short-run government vehicle deliveries = $100M to $1B
Price Depends on: Insider deals, kick-backs, cleverness

Factory production set-up for price reduced volume deliveries = $1B to $90B
Price Depends on: Insider deals, kick-backs, cleverness

Our group has the lowest numbers due to our commitment to ethical production and novel engineering. Certain FBI-investigated banking and venture capital groups have been shown to collude to control who gets to do what in high tech cars. If you want more options in the market, write your Letters to the Editor and your public officials and demand action.